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Helping set your handbag free with attachable straps that fit your style, mood, attire and fashion.

The Mautto (Short) Story

We specialize in attachable straps that can be added to your handbag in seconds. All products are made by hand in the USA using high quality materials. Hand-picked genuine leathers. Chain that looks, feels and sounds like fine jewelry. Attachable hooks that are easy to use and built to last. And customer service you'll fall in love with. That's Mautto!

We've been around for years and this is our passion. Yes, straps excite us! Why? How? Imagine a strap that adjusts to fit your exact needs. Imagine a strap that's comfortable to wear and looks great. Imagine a strap that allows you to wear your bag exactly the way you want. That's exciting! And we believe you'll enjoy owning a Mautto strap for these very reasons (and many more!).

Read on for the full story...

The Mautto (Full) Story

Born and raised in Santa Cruz, California--a beautiful and funky beach town south of San Francisco in the Monterey Bay--Lynette (Mautto owner and founder) grew up surrounded by creative people and quickly became fascinated with the joy in creating. And it never left her!

Photos of Santa Cruz and Lynette, owner/founder of Mautto

It all started as a child. Lynette’s mother Diane, and several other female role models in the family, drove the creative inspiration from an early age. Diane crafted everything she could from a needle, fabric, yarn and thread. Clothes. Sweaters. Blankets. Napkins. Tablecloths. Place settings. Floor mats. You get the picture.

This drive to create was passed on to Lynette, and she took it to new levels...

At the age of 16, Lynette was crocheting bikinis for a boutique bathing suit shop in the tourist beach town of Capitola village. She created clothes and costumes for herself, family members and friends. She knitted custom sweaters which were sold so more yarn and materials could be purchased from a local yarn shop in Capitola.

Photos of family, kids, grandchildren with clothes and costumes made by Lynette

For years it continued. Lynette had children and made clothes, Halloween costumes, sweaters, baby clothes, blankets and more for them.

Then, a shift happened and Lynette ventured into the professional business world as a banker and real estate agent. However, that didn’t satisfy her need to make stuff! This wasn’t time wasted though. Lynette took the skills learned from leading a local bank and from being a top producer in the local real estate market, and applied them to her dream.

To own and operate a successful business creating stuff!

Handbags were an obvious choice. Lynette felt the industry was in need of quality handbags that were a reflection of one’s taste, fashion and mood. A unique bag; made specifically for each wearer. So, in her spare time, she started making handbags from genuine leather hides...from scratch. Prototypes were created and tested by herself and family/friends. Winning bags were found and kept. Losing bags were ditched or improved.

Photos of the handbag making process, in the early days of Mautto

Then, something incredible happened. Friends, family and friends-of-friends started making requests for custom made bags. And they wanted to pay for them. These handmade bags were being sold faster than they could be created and the word spread.

For years, Lynette created and sold custom handbags. They were a local hit and also featured on Etsy.

Then, something else incredible happened. The custom handbag market started making requests for replacement parts, repair and straps for their non-Mautto handbags. After some time making replacement and accessory straps, the decision was made to focus on straps. And it was an easy decision to make.

Photos of designer handbags with replacement straps by Mautto


We believe the strap is the most important part of a handbag!

And that's why we take strap making so seriously. Because it matters!

The rest of the story is quite simple. Mautto was transformed into a business with a focus on making a strap that you can enjoy for years to come. A strap that you’re proud to carry. A strap the feels great in your hand or on your shoulder. A strap that complements your bag or style. A strap that can be attached or removed in seconds. A strap that can be added to your bag to fit your exact needs (convert a purse to crossbody bag, for example). A strap that can be used to match your outfit or mood (red strap on a black bag to match your red wardrobe, for example). A strap that won’t fray, crack or split on the edges due to poor craftsmanship or design. A strap that looks and works great.

"Giving you the freedom to wear your handbag the way you want...and with quality craftsmanship you can trust."

That's the motto of Mautto.

The Mautto Philosophy

Mautto logo

We value:

The Mautto Guarantee

If you don't love it, return it. Just do us a favor and let us know why, so that we can make things better.

You, yes you, are the reason why we're here. Everything we do, is for you. That's our promise.