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Saving Handbags...One Happy Customer at A Time

Brown drawstring on LV Petit Noe replaced.

Draw string Replaced on LV Petit Noe Bag

Anita came to Mautto in need of a replacement drawstring for her cherished LV Petit Noe bag. The original drawstring wore out over time and the bag became difficult to use.

The specs were given to us, a matching leather was found, and the drawstring created!

As you can see from the picture, the replacement worked out well. Anita was thrilled and her LV bag can be proudly carried, once again.

Learn more about brown or black replacement LV drawstrings.

"I've just received the lovely drawstring for my LV Petit Noe and was instantly impressed by the quality & workmanship. I am so excited. Thank you so much." - Anita

Chanel handbag converted to cross body bag.

Chanel Handbag Converted to Cross Body Bag with New Strap

With two young children, Mika's fine lambskin Chanel handbag was being used less and less as she found herself more inclined to use cross body bags.

Mika was ready to sell her handbag, but instead, found a clever way to lengthen her existing Chanel straps with a Mautto attachable strap. The 30-inch, genuine black leather strap (0.75-inch wide) with nickel O-rings was a perfect match!

And now Mika can wear her lovely Chanel bag in the cross body position. The great part is, she can quickly detach the Mautto strap and it's back to the original shoulder/handbag position.

"I LOVE IT!!...the quality of your strap matches the quality of the fine lambskin used by Chanel! I'm really really impressed with the fine craftsmanship and the leather quality...I had thought about selling this bag because I prefer a crossbody bag, but now I can keep your strap inside my bag and use it to wear it as a crossbody bag whenever I want. You've saved me a bag!! Thank you VERY much, I am so happy!!" - Mika

Gold Chain Wristlet Added to LV Insolite Wallet

Meet Tanya's colorful Louis Vuitton wallet. Being a discerning bag owner, she needed a classy chain strap that would work well with her new LV, and also:

Tanya chose a chain like our 12" Mini Classy Curb, making it a breeze to use the strap as she desired. Check out her video review with LV reveal!

(Fast forward to the 7 minute mark for the chain review.)

"It looks really nice!" - Tanya

Lady Dior handbag with new shoulder strap.

Shoulder Strap Added to Lady Dior Designer Bag

Meet Pam's striking Lady Dior handbag. Unfortunately, without a shoulder strap, Pam was not able to use the luxurious bag as often as she liked.

She found Mautto, and with the help of customer service, Pam found the perfect strap!

The leather and hardware were matched and a comfortable Classic width strap in Low Pebble Black was created. And now, the designer bag lives on.

"I just received my handbag strap. I am so pleased with it! The whole package...perfect, very impressed! Thank you so much." - Pam

Fossil bag with new two-tone strapd.

Custom Two-tone Strap Created for Fossil Handbag

This unique and custom handbag strap was created for Coco's teal Fossil bag. The bag features brown accents and Coco thought it would fun to have one side of the strap teal and the other side brown.

A fun and unique strap indeed! Coco commented that she enjoys being able to choose the color that shows on the strap depending on her mood and attire.

To read more about this cool strap (and her cool Abyssinian cat that poses with the bag), check out Coco's blog post here:

For custom straps like this one, please see our Customer Strap Order details page.

"I LOVE the strap!...It turned out incredibly well. It feels amazing, and it's probably stronger than the bag is. I'll have this strap much longer than the bag, I think!" - Coco

Chanel strap rebuilt with existing hardware and genuine leather.

Aging Chanel Strap Rebuilt Using Existing Hardware

This interesting strap came from a hip Scarface-esque black and white Chanel bag.

The strap has two, single straps linked together, forming one strap (see picture). As you can see, the strap experienced some heavy wear, causing the black lining to shred and peel off.

The owner wanted to keep the existing hardware and just replace the failing black material. So that's what Mautto did!

Actually, the strap was given an upgrade! The old black material was replaced with genuine leather, with rolled edges and top-stitched for maximum durability.

Pretty sure this strap will outlast the bag! :-)

Vintage LV bag saved.

Vintage Designer Bag Saved

Meet Henrietta's beautiful vintage Louis Vuitton bag. A proud owner, Henrietta couldn't let go of her bag, despite its failing strap.

Unable to find an exact replacement strap for her LV bag, Henrietta enlisted Mautto for the repair. The strap was sent in, examined by Mautto, hooks replaced with similar bolt-style solid brass snap hooks, and returned to its owner.

Henrietta was so thankful and continues to use her cherished bag. Another happy customer. Another handbag saved!

"I want to say thank you for a beautiful job on my LV strap. It is perfect. If I need other repairs, this will be the only place to call." - Henrietta

MK Bag with new chain + leather handle straps.

Chain + Leather Handle Straps Replaced on MK Bag

Meet Adele. Meet her chic Black Python MK handbag. Adele purchased the strapless bag online and needed to find suitable straps that worked well with the bag and MK style.

Adele decided on chain with leather handle and attachable O-ring hardware. As you can see from the photo, the fit and style worked well. And the new straps attached in just seconds.

"New straps are perfect!!" - Adele

Coach handbag with longer shoulder strap.

Longer Shoulder Strap Created for Coach Bag

Meet Sandie's contemporary Coach bag. In addition to the short handle straps, this bag also included a 34" shoulder strap. However, Sandie really wanted a longer strap to fit her needs.

A 42" strap with matching hardware and Mautto's genuine leather "Coffee Bean" color was created. Now, Sandie's bag can be used exactly as desired.

"I received the strap for my Coach bag. What a beautiful piece of work! The color matched perfect and the length was just what I wanted." - Sandie

Chain with leather weave strap on camera.

Chic Strap Added to Camera

It's time to take your camera strap to the next level in fashion.

Tired of the uninteresting, understated strap your camera came with? Hanna was. Who says a camera strap can’t look beautiful, turn heads and feel good wearing, as well? Not Hanna.

Looking to beautify her camera strap, Hanna opted for a custom Nickel Chain Leather Weave strap in Pink Blush genuine leather, for her digital SLR. And the look transformed her camera, as you can see.

We love seeing creative uses for Mautto straps! If you'd like to share your story, let us know and you could be featured on

"Definitely get lots of compliments on it everywhere I go. Thank you!!!" - Hanna

Coach clutch with new wristlet and shoulder strap.

Coach Clutch Converted with New Straps

Check out Devon's Coach clutch. A lovely little bag that needed some functionality enhancements; a request we get often from our customers that can't let go of their favorite bags.

Devon wanted the ability to remove the wristlet strap, plus, when needed, hang the clutch from her shoulder using a removable strap.

First, the clutch's original hardware was modified to accommodate the new, detachable straps. Then, the original wristlet strap was revamped to include a detachable hook. Finally, a shoulder strap was made to complement the bag's petite look. Conversion complete. Bag saved. Customer happy!

"...thrilled with the quality of work...quick processing time...highly recommend your work to anyone!" - Devon

Broek strap hook replaced on Gucci bag.

Broken Strap Hook Replaced

Meet Mich's Gucci bag.

Owning a designer bag can be a love/hate relationship. You love the pride that comes with the fine piece of fashion, but hate the thought of replacing it.

Mich's bag suffered a broken strap hook. An exact replacement was not available, but replacing the bag was not an option. Not to worry! Mautto was able to provide new hooks with a finish that matched the bag's original hardware, and the bag was saved!

"Doesn't look like it's a replacement at all. Thanks heaps, this is great!!!" - Mich

Prada bag with canvas strap converted to leather adjustable strap.

Canvas Strap Upgraded to Leather Strap

Meet Alicia's beautiful Prada bag. A bag of many functions with its adjustable canvas strap, Alicia felt the canvas material needed a leather upgrade to match the bag.

Mautto was contacted and Alicia's perfect strap idea was turned into reality. A custom, adjustable length, leather strap with matching color was created using the Prada bag's original hardware.

With adjustments from 27-inches to 34-inches, this stunner is now even more stunning with its matching leather strap!

"I received the purse strap yesterday and just wanted to let you know that it's perfect! Thank you so much for the quick turn around." - Alicia

Disney themed Dooney and Bourke bag with new adjustable strap.

New Colors & Uses for Fun Travel Bag

Meet Stephanie. Meet her colorful Disney Dooney & Bourke bag (shown with new Mautto adjustable strap). Preparing for a vacation, Stephanie wanted to turn this shoulder bag into a cross body travel bag.

A complementary color was found, matching hardware used, and strap created. The beauty of it (besides the fun bag)? With her new adjustable strap, Stephanie can now wear her colorful bag in shoulder OR cross body position...perfect for any occasion!

The original Dooney & Bourke strap was also shortened slightly to fit better. Now Stephanie can pick the right strap for her needs.

"I just got the straps in the mail yesterday--I love them! The pink leather one is amazing! Thanks again so much for your help and the super speedy turn around! If I ever need another purse strap or need one repaired, I will definitely be coming straight to you!" - Stephanie

Handbag with new custom strap and hooks.

Precious African Bag Rebuilt

Meet Nancy's unique African bag. Brought back by her husband while traveling the adventurous continent, the bag quickly became a favorite to look at but not to wear. The strap buckle was placed "right smack on top of the shoulder" as Nancy put it. Pretty... painful.

The precious bag was sent to Mautto and the following was completed:

The bag makeover went flawlessly and is now comfortably worn as a shoulder bag by Nancy. (She also had a custom strap replaced for her JPK bag.)

"I’m SO glad I found you. Thank you VERY much!" - Nancy

Missing strap on bag replaced.

Missing Strap on Bag Replaced

Meet Lori's Foley & Corinna bag.

Certainly cute and functional as a tote, however, Lori was interested in expanding its uses to include the popular (hands-free) cross-body position.

Working with Lori, Mautto identified the perfect leather that maintained the signature look of the bag. A patent crinkle leather adjustable strap with gold attachable hooks was created and the final outcome was exactly to Lori's expectations!

"So happy I can wear my bag as a cross-body now!! Thanks to Mautto- a perfect match and fine quality workmanship! Love, love, love!!!" - Lori

Bag brought back to life with new chain handles and cross body strap.

"Strap Lift" Brings Bag Back to Life

Meet Debi. Her bag—so close to being scrapped because of worn handles—was given a Mautto "strap lift."

First stop: new handles. Debi was unable to find exact D-ring style handle replacements, so she decided to use Mautto's attachable gold "Large Classic Double Curb" chain instead. The result? An elegant transformation occurred going from leather to gold chain handles.

Second stop: a cross body strap. A long strap was added in matching leather allowing Debi to either hold her bag with the two chain handles or wear it cross body style (or even on the shoulder). Another bag saved and another very happy customer. We love this stuff!

"Thank you for all your help in finding the right attachment hardware. The hooks, chains, and strap are of such high quality. They really dress up the purse." - Debi

Knitted bag with wide leather strap.

Handmade Knitted Bag Seeking Wide Leather Strap

Meet Barbara. Meet her handmade knitted bag. A unique (and fabulous, we might add) creation that was in need of a strap.

Barbara set out to find a "nice, wide, leather strap" for her lovely bag. Her journey ended successfully at Mautto with a dark brown strap that complemented Barbara's design nicely.

This story struck a chord with us. Lynette -- Mautto owner and former knitter herself -- understands what goes into a knitting adventure like this! And, we're flattered that our strap was used in Barbara's creative bag project.

Barbara, we think you're bag is beautiful and we hope it brings many smiles (and uses) to you!

"The leather strap is beautiful. Your products are lovely. I'll be contacting you for more in the future!" - Barbara

Vintage Versace handbag straps replaced.

Vintage Versace Handbag Straps Replaced with Metallic Gold Leather & Chain

Check out this flashy vintage Versace handbag (shown with new Mautto straps)! Strap failure is common with older bags; after many years of use, it's bound to happen. Unfortunately, replacing parts on a vintage handbag is generally unfruitful for most.

Unable to do without her prized Versace, Jill reached out to Mautto for help, hoping to find replacement straps that matched the bag's extravagant details, plus, provide the strength and durability to last many more years.

Jill chose a custom-made metallic gold leather weaved through gold chain, which made for a strikingly bold, yet complementary look. Now, the bag lives on...and in style too!

"Thank you so much. They look beautiful." - Jill

Strap Showing Signs of Failure Replaced.

Strap Showing Signs of Failure Replaced

Meet Linda. While traveling in Switzerland, Linda picked up this fine handbag.

Unfortunately, within a year, the strap it came with had numerous cracks and was showing signs of failure. Linda was discouraged and about to retire the bag.

Fortunately, she found Mautto and the perfect replacement strap was created. The bag lives on!

"I found you three days ago, and tonight I have a beautiful replacement black strap with white's much more supple and comfortable than the original. I'm thrilled!" - Linda

Leopard print crossbody strap for camera bag.

Leopard Print Leather Strap for Camera Bag

Meet Kayla. A wedding and portrait photographer, Kayla needed a "more stylish" crossbody strap to be used with her camera bag while on the job.

More stylish could mean so many different things. And when it comes to leathers, there are plenty of options available at Mautto

Mautto offered Kayla a handful of creative printed and patterned leather choices. In the end, leopard print was the winner. Its trendy look and stylish feel accentuated the camera bag perfectly!

"So in love with my new strap! You were wonderful to work with - thank you so much!" - Kayla

Converting a purse into a crossbody bag.

What Was Once A Purse, Is Now A Crossbody Bag

Meet Chris. Meet Chris' purse. A fine purse, but one that its owner would like to carry differently – as a cross body bag.

Having difficulties matching the purse's existing leather, Chris reached out to Mautto for a custom cross body strap with matching leather. Sample leathers were sent to Chris, a match identified, and a new strap was created.

The final strap was received so positively that Chris ordered another one to replace a worn out strap from a different bag!

"I received my strap today and absolutely love it. It is very comfortable on my shoulder. I would like to get another one..." - Chris

New crossbody strap to replace old shoulder strap.

Bag Converted to Relieve Arthritic Shoulder

Meet Joanne. Her mother's favorite Coach shoulder bag was unfortunately weighing too heavily on her arthritic shoulder. So Joanne set out to find a replacement strap that would:

You already know how this story is going to end, don't you? You're right. It was a success. Mautto crafted a custom strap that met and exceeded Joanne's (and her mother's) expectations.

Handbag converted. Mother relieved. That makes for one – no, wait, that's two – happy customers!

"She was so surprised and overly pleased with the expert quality and craftsmanship...also a perfect match to the Coach leather. To bring such a wonderful smile to her face was priceless to me...all thanks to you. I will keep your card in my forever file." - Joanne

Brown leather straps for LV bag.

Straps Replaced on LV Bags

Kathy, a Mautto customer, sent us a thank you email…we were so thrilled with her feedback and excited about her experience, that we decided to post as-is. Thanks, Kathy!

"I just received two, 1" wide, 50" length leather straps for my LV bags. I followed your suggestions on the website for matching colors; one strap in Almond and the other in the darker brown (Walnut, pictured) to match my LV bags. You are right on! I cannot imagine a better match for either one of my bags!

I will refer all to Mautto. Your business is exceptional. Your product and service is a true blessing to come across. I will do what I can to get the word out...thank you for your help."

Unique leather straps replaced to spec.

Unique Leather Straps Replaced to Spec

Check out Aleea's unique bag strap. A favorite bag of many years and many uses, unfortunately, the straps were beginning to fail. Aleea was concerned this bag's may be nearing its useful life.

But wait! Mautto to the rescue! Aleea found Mautto, provided detailed specs on the old straps, and identical replacement leather straps were created just for her bag.

Another happy customer. Another handbag saved!

"Just wanted to let you know the purse straps are perfect! Thank you so much!" - Aleea

Fav bag revived with new Mautto strap.

Favorite Bag Revived with New Leather Strap

Jovita, a Mautto customer, sent us this response after receiving her new strap! No need for us to paraphrase or's perfect, just the way it is. Authentic. Real. Happy!

"I just want to thank you so much for my new strap! I thought I would never be able to use this purse again! It's my absolute favorite! I found it at a thrift store years ago and fell in love with it. The strap has been wearing for quite some time. Then one day last month, my husband and I were out shopping and the strap completly broke and the purse fell off my arm. I thought I'd never be able to use it again, and I knew I'd never find another purse like it again since it was used when I got it. I reluctantly bought a new purse and used it for about a month but I didn't love it like I do my old one. Then I came across your site and found all your awesome custom made straps and immediately ordered one. I couldn't be more pleased! It's even better than the original strap! It looks awesome on my old purse and really adds to the 'look'! I love this purse even more now! THANK YOU! You rock!"

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